Wye valley walk

  1. The walk starts in the centre of Dymock. With your back to the church, cross the B4215 and walk south-eastwards along the pavement towards newent. Cross the small stream then cross back over the road to a footpath on the left. Take the right hand path sign posted Poet’s Path No.1. Cross the field to the stile. Walk left around the cricket pitch then to the left of the pavilion, behind which the path goes between two white-tipped posts. Walk along the left side of paddock to the stile in the corner. Turn right, poet’s path 1 crosses diagonally right to the kiss gate. Down the steps onto the lane. Cross to Crowfield lane opposite. This takes you past Crowfield farm and over the M50 motorway.


  1. You are now in the wild daffodil country but they hide beneath the ground and are only visible in March and April. In May, look out for bluebells. Continue straight along the track, through a small gate and then follow the path along the top of the field. Go through a small gate and along a path beside ketford bank nature reserve. Through another gate onto the bridleway through the woodland. You will pass the outcrop of red sandstone. The path curves round to exit in the track and barn farm.

3. Turn left twice, cross the river Leadon and takes the bridleway on the right at the corner. ( note; short walk continues along the lane to re-join the main walk at Ryton) The main walk continues along Poets Path no.1. After 50 yards fork right and follow the track to cutmill. Just beyond the buildings, take the middle path exiting on Durbridge road.


  1. Turn left along the lane and walk for half a mile past wood fields to a three-way junction.


5. Take the bridley on the left that cuts through cobhill rough woodland for half a mile before curving right onto The Geopark Way and Poets Path.


  1. Turn left along Drove Road that linked Redmarley D’Abitot to Ryton. Pass a hillside with exposures of rich red sand (that gave redmarley its name). Go through the large gate and immediately left through another gate and up the bridleway alongside the edge of the woodland. You can now see the Malvern Hills on the right.



  1. At the hamlet of Ryton turn left along the lane and right at the junction, sign posted Dymock. Cross the M50 and at the corner turn right and then left.


  1.  Follow this lane for 120 yards to a hidden stile through the hedgerow and up the steps to the left. The right of way goes straight across this field, gently rising to a corner of hedge that juts out towards you. Walk ahead to the next corner and through the gap in the hedge. Cut straight across the next two fields to the historic barns at hill farm. In the farmyard go right then left behind the barns resuming the route down the drive to the pond. Take the footpath on the right and walk diagonally left to a stile via and old oak tree. Cross the stile into small woodland. Cross the stream into the vineyard. Follow the path around the left side and up to the farm building called The Burtons.


  • Go through the kiss gate and turn left down the lane. At the junction cross to Poets Path no.2 and follow this well-marked route to the lane, turn right then left over the river Leadon and across the filed on the right


Aim for the landmark spire of Dymock chrch where the walk ends.

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