Welcome group

Ross-on-Wye Walkers

In July 2009 Ross became the 30th town in the country to gain accreditation as Walkers are Welcome town. Walkers are Welcome (WaW) towns are villages that have something special to offer walkers. It is not organised by the Council; it is a grass-roots initiative, and is run by the communities themselves. Ross Rambles became aware of the scheme in 2007 and two members, Sam Phillips and David Collin, attended the first national Conference in October of that year. In January 2009 a Steering Group was incredibly successful in raising funds, so they set about getting new leaflets and brochures designed and printed. These brochures included a leaflet with 14 bus walks as well as a booklet on “Doggie” walks. These have been very successful and are now available throughout Ross in our many stores and cafes. Continue reading