Herefordshire Black and White VillageTrail

Welcome to the Black and White Villages of North- West Herefordshire and the market towns of Leominster and Kington. Together they contain hundreds of timber framed buildings, many of great age. Their Churches too, remind us of the long history of this area, containing records of people and events going back to Domesday and beyond.

Today these villages still possess the feeling of community which many urban dwellers would dearly love to regain. An hour or two spent at any of the places on the trail, visiting the church, the pub, tearooms and shops, looking at the houses and exchanging a word with the villagers, will give you a taste of this desirable country life. The circular trail is set out in a clockwise direction, and although the commentary starts and finishes at Leominster you may join at any point. The route is signed throughout with brown and white tourist signs. Please be prepared for and patient with, farm vehicles. The total distance is about 40 miles with stops at the villages and places of interest along the way, the circuit provides an enjoyable excursion at any time of the year.

Why not

Leave your car behind as you do not need a car to enjoy the black and white villages: a few of the villages along the route are accessible by public transport. Walking and cycling routes are also available around the Black and White villages, cycle hire is available from Wheely Wonderful on 01568 770755. who also arrange walking and cycling holidays.

The  Black and White audio car tour is approximately 45 minutes long and is available for purchase from the Tourism Information Centers.

Please follow this link for further details  of the Black and white trail

The Black and white trail is approximately 45 minutes away by car  for the Wilton Court so is  very easy to explore during your visit and can also  be reached by public transport via Hereford.

The Wilton Court are very happy to prepare a picnic for you with advance notice.