Professorial baker

Wilton Court Restaurant with rooms bakes Paul Hollywood’s bread recipes

paul_hollywood_1x1Paul Hollywood professional baker and Bafta award winning television presenter and judge of the Great British Bake Off is a special guest celebrity at the Flavours of Herefordshire Festival on the 2nd November 2013

The Wilton Court have been baking a selection of his breads for their guests, recipes as below just fantastic why not try for yourself.

White Cob bread

500g  white  flour,10g salt, 10g dried yeast, 30g butter, 320ml cool water

1. put all dry ingredients in a large, being careful not to put the salt and yeast next to each other (the salt can kill the yeast)
2. add the butter and the water and work the mixture until it is all incorporated
3. lightly flour your surface and turn out, knead for 5-10 mins until it looks and feel silky Continue reading