Hereford Cathedral – Home of the Mappa Mundi

Built on a place of worship used since Saxon times Hereford Cathedral contains some of the finest examples of art and architecture from Norman times to the present day. The recently completed Cathedral Close Project has re-established its beauty and dignity in the heart of Herefords historic city and diocese, with new social spaces, artworks and interpretation for you to enjoy.

If you are planing to  visit Hereford a visit to the Cathedral should be a must , below a few of the reasons you should pay a visit

The Hereford Mappa Mundi is a unique medieval treasure, recording  how scholars interpreted the world over 700 years ago  . More than a thousand drawings and inscriptions show cities anhd towns, Biblical events, plants, animals, birds, strange creatures and monstrous races

The chained library contains 225 manuscripts and over 1.200 early printed books, with the earliest from the 8th century. The books are chained to 17th century presses where they are housed and read, alongside changing displays of rare books, archives and artefacts

The finest surviving 1217 Magna Carta belongs to Hereford Cathedral

Cathedral Tours, to explore history and treasures from the Saxon times to the present with Cathedral Guides are held at 11.15 and 2.15 daily Monday to Saturday

Tower Tours . You can climb 218 steps for some of the finest views of the city, county and beyond. Tours include the Latern Gallery, Ringing Chamber and a new set of interpretation boards at the very top. Tours are limited to certain days . Please check before you visit

You can explore  the Cathedrals  beautiful gardens with their experienced gardeners and guides at 2.30pm on Saturdays and Wednesdays in June August and September. Tours include the chapter House Garden, College of the Vicars Choral Cloister , the elegant College Hall and access to private gardens

Music and events. Free lunchtime organ concerts take place on Tuesdays at 1.15 ( 1 May to 3 July and 7 August to 25 September) with jazz in the Chapter House Garden at 1.15 in August.

Art at the Cathedral has long been a center for creative expression, with carvings in stone and wood painted shrines, stained glass and silverware.

For further information including hours of worship and Cloisters cafe and shop please visit 

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