Henryka Amber and Silver Jewellery Hereford

1-6005-200-C-BU 6P459-ML-COSOne of the country’s top amber experts, Henryka Amber & Silver Jewellery, is actually based in the nearby market town of Hereford and has been combining genuine beautiful Baltic amber with high quality silver into unique and unusual pieces of jewellery for many many years. Their latest combination of amber with linen is yet another design concept by company founder, Anna Emmett.

“Naturally formed amber and silver have always felt to me like they were destined to be brought together to form the most stunning jewellery pieces.” Said Anna Emmett. “The same with amber and linen – they make a very natural combination.”

“Pieces of colourful amber sit amongst strands of natural linen in handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Every one is different and totally exclusive to Henryka.”

“Our new amber and linen combination is just the latest addition to the Henryka Jewellery range – modern elegant shapes resulting in timeless classics  that are equally suited for casual wear as they are for smart. ”

6B065-TQM-COSHenryka Jewellery is on-line at www.henryka.co.uk and at, what can only be described as ‘quirky’, their showroom and head office, housed in an imposing building that was once a traditional Doll’s Hospital in the City of Hereford.

They can also be found within Labels Outlet Shopping, just a few minutes from Wilton Court, just off junction 4 of the M50

Guests staying at Wilton Court will be given a beautiful necklace as a gift from Henryka on their arrival  along with their catalog and a £5 gift voucher for  purchases made on line or at their shop in Hereford or Labels Shopping outlet on the outskirt of Ross on Wye 


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